Sunday, December 6, 2009

Haven't been on here in forever. Here is the update. I quit my job in Bainbrige & started working at Caseys in Roachdale. While the pay is better they keep cutting our hours until nobody is happy & can't survive. I need to find a new one. Jim is due to have heart surgery soon but he keeps putting it off which is a very deadly decision. Dad has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks now. He had internal bleeding that they couldn't find. He ended up have a part of his small intestine removed. They are hoping to move him out of ICU today. Jake is still at mom & dads & is a great help to them. He will go in & stay at Jim's to take care of Matt & Angel when Jim goes in to the hospital.When everyone is out of the hospitals & healthy again I plan on having a big celebration. Her are some pics from are gathering just before Jim went in for his pre-op.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

packing breakables


We are finally done moving out of Bainbridge. It's a miracle but it is finally done. We meet with the realtor tomorrow if it is clean enough they will give us a relocation check, I don't think that house has been that clean since Mike moved in. My brother is awesome with a broom. Jake moved in with mom & dad a couple of weeks a go. Some of us know he is on his best behavior & it won't last long. Mom & dad do not see it. He has been a great help to them & we could not have accomplished what we did with the house if not for him. A lot of people have stayed away like we have the plague.
Bruce has been great with this also, I know I could not have done the lifting that they did. It was a little heartbreaking to say goodbye, but I think we did the right thing. Mike has been a whole lot happier & his health is better for it which is a good thing because he has several jobs lined up. My job now is to get this place put into live able conditions. It is late & I am going to bed. Love to all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We are moving

For those of you who don't know Mike & I will be moving, starting thursday. We are moving to Roachdale for those who don't know that is the next town north. Bruce will be moving in with us to help with the bills & so he won't be driving mom & dad nuts anymore. It is because of the economy & Mike's health that we are doing so. Mike gets very little work in the winter & his arthrites was very bad this year,because of that we get behind on the morgage & the company is not willing to work with us. I think Mike is ready for a new start also. It was a hard deceision to make but this place needs to much work done to it. Work we do not have the money for nor the willingness to do it. We would have liked to stay in Bainbridge but there is nothing but apartments for rent here. I will continue to work at BP. I love my job & the people there.A little bit more money would be nice but I am thankful that I have a job. Time to do some more packing . TTFN

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I haven't been on here in forever. Nobody reads it so it doesn't matter. I should be doing dishes or packing,keep finding reasons not to do either. WE have kittens to get rid of if anybody would like 1 or 2 or3. The neighbors are burning trash which makes it hard to breath. Mike is on a job in Roachdale hopefully he finishes it. Her are some random posters I recieved in e mail this week.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frightening Morning

We had a bit of excitement this morning. Because I work second shift I tend to stay up late, it was about 2 this morning when I went to bed I couldn't get near Mike for the cats protecting him:). I finally drifted off about 3 when the neighbors dog started barking & I heard voices in the side yard. In the seconds it took to register I grabbed the gun & Mikes robe woke him told him I was going outside. Now you need to know our side door is in our bedroom & Mike doesn't move very fast especially with the way his arthritis has been brothering him & he doesn't wake up to easily. He was up & awake before I could get to the door. Unfortunately I found no one out there, there was no signs of life in town. It bothers me that we now have to think about city problems coming in to our house, but with our town MARSHALL we should probably been taking precautions before now. For all of you saying Do you really have a gun YES I DO!!!! & I would have used it if necessary .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whats Happening

Not much going on around here. We have two new kittens, with another one pregnant. The weather is improving & the flowers are starting to bloom. We meet Carol & Mandy & families in Cloverdale on Sunday. The kids have grown (which they tend to do). We don't see them enough but they have their own lives to live, just which the grandkids knew their grandfather better.:( Had another Uncle die this weekend(heart attack) Uncle Leroy was dads brother in law. The power will be out for about 4 hours Wed. I still have to show up for work but we can't really do anything. Here are some pictures from Sunday. I had forgotten that Rob & Dylan were out at mom's last weekend so the the last 2 are from then. LOVE